Tuesday, May 6, 2008

View from the dream

In the manifestation process, you have a depth of cognition, coming from a subtle level of feeling, and then you translate that cognition, but not in words. Cognition is an impulse of a direction, especially when it involves manifestation. It’s beyond the level of concepts and it’s not on the level of thinking about a desire. The cognition and the translation are coming from our side, because we have to translate that feeling.

You have the cognition, the translation, and then the delivery of the impulse that results in manifestion. You have to project that, away from you, through your energy field, out about 12 to 15 feet. You’re expanding out from the physical body. The current of consciousness has to arc out. When it arcs out to a certain point, it breaks the dimensional plane like a portal and the universe can enter your dimension and meet you, and you can meet it. When you meet it, you’re both in this dimension and outside of it at the same time. It’s a simultaneous thing that’s kind of a paradox. You can see things manifesting in your dimension, but what you’re seeing is not actually what’s manifesting.

The universe doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves. How does the universe see you? What are the eyes of the universe? This is the realm in which manifestation takes place. Sages tell us that everything that’s here, in a way, is like a dream. What do they mean when they say that? Dreams have objects and people. I had a dream the other night where a gigantic horse, as long as my whole living room, was chasing my car and finally corralled it into a corner. In my reality, how would I know how to interpret that dream? The universe is an intelligence, and it interprets your reality the way you interpret your dreams. We’re its dreams. When I had this dream, I knew exactly what it was trying to say to me, and I was laughing because I understood. My inner self was speaking to me that night. Well, we are the inner self of the universe.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What the universe desires

In the process of manifestation, a current arcs out from the person towards the environment, then comes back in, amplifies, and goes back out. Over that current one can place desire, whatever that may be. The strength of manifestation and the capacity to manifest are dependent on holding that current internally and at the same time propelling it outward so that it builds on itself. Ideally the arcing process creates a feedback loop which stabilizes the current.

The idea is to have the chakra system in a state so that that desire is coming from a place within you that is truly for your highest good. If the desire is there and is sent out, and really isn’t going to be beneficial for you in the big picture of your life, perhaps you really don’t want it to be supported. Sometimes desires come out from us but we don’t really understand why they are there. Sometimes we have a desire that’s in our mind but that might not be the desire of the universe desires towards us. It’s a translation process, like we talked about with intuition, from cognition to translation to delivery. In the context of manifestation, you have a cognition of what you want, wish, or need and that has to be translated to the universe, because it doesn’t necessarily speak your language. The universe doesn’t work from a linear intelligence, so it doesn’t actually know in some ways what to do with your personal desires, because it’s organizing from a different level of principles and your personal desires may or may not fit into its puzzle. It’s impossible to know how to translate the desires that the universe has for you. I don’t think you can translate that with your mind because it’s not a mental, conceptual process to translate what the universe’s desires are for us.

Actually what it looks like is creating a situation where there’s an attunement towards what the universe’s desires are for us. The idea is to bring your consciousness to a place where it’s supported by universal intelligence. You have to uplift your desires to a state where they will come into resonance with what the universe’s desires are for you. When the universe is trying to recognize your desires, your signals have to be translated from your side and also from the side of the universe. It’s a dual translation process. From your side, you’re purifying your desires and elevating them to a state where they will be recognized by the universe.

This can’t be done on the level of the mind. This is what causes difficulties for people. It’s not on the level of thought that the desire is eventually going to emerge. It’s going to emerge into a subtle level of feeling, what we might call impulse consciousness, and it has to be translated into that fifth dimensional intelligence from your side. It’s not only that the universe is going to find your thought on a mental plane and meet that, because it doesn’t really know what to do with that. The universe is many-dimensional, and the universal intelligence encompasses all the dimensional planes. The best we can do is to elevate our desire until it becomes a subtle level of impulse. This is the principle upon which we build the notion of intuition, because it comes from that subtle level of impulse, gets translated, and then delivered.