Sunday, July 4, 2010

Markers of original mind

To experience manifestion, you have to get outside the field of the mind. It cannot come from your head or anything you can think. When you get into the field of manifestation, you’re viewing your own mind field from outside. You see your mind as a field, full of thoughts, beliefs, and structures. We’re not going to try to eliminate that, because we never can get rid of our minds, and we’re not supposed to. But in order to get into the field of manifestation, you have to get outside of the mind completely.

How can you get outside of your own mind? Your heart has all the answers. The field of the heart, which includes love, is the closest thing we have and the most universal messaging instrument to align with universal intelligence. In fact, what is inside the heart is universal intelligence. Your heart is much wiser than your mind. However, we also know that there’s a unification between heart and mind, so we don’t ultimately eliminate the mind.

Pure mind, or what Buddhists call “original mind,” doesn’t just mean that it’s at the beginning. It means that it’s original, self-originating. At each moment there is originality or spontaneity to the higher mind. It’s not locked up in concept or belief. It is moment-to-moment self-originating; improvisational, but very structured. That level of self-originating mind is deeply aligned with universal intelligence.

When the heart aligns with that self-originating aspect of higher mind, it is outside the field of what we usually think of as the mind. There are intelligence markers on a higher level above the mind, which is what higher mind is. There are structures of intelligence that exist above, below, all around it, five-dimensional. The manifestation field that lives outside of the mind is what you’re unifying with.

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