Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silkworms of the heart

What the universe really wants from us is to give up control. It is asking us, pleading with us, actually, to give up thinking that we have control over it in any way, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. First of all, you wouldn’t want control. Think how hard it is just to control yourself. Then think about how hard it is to control your kids. And then think about how hard it is to control your money. Every time you have anything that’s attached to you and you try to control it, how well do you do? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t controlled my emotions, I haven’t controlled my thoughts. At a certain point you recognize that control is an illusion. It’s a healthy one: it gets things done in a way, but it’s still an illusion.

When you throw yourself out to the universe in the way I’m discussing, and the heart opens out and then the universe starts sending seeds back, emotional seeds, mental seeds, physical reality seeds, simultaneously past, present and future, you absolutely realize that you can’t know where all these things are going to fall in your net. You have to let go, because when all of this energy is coming your way, if you’re rigid in your control, tightly braced against what’s coming at you, it hurts. It’s like aikido, where they teach you that when someone comes at you, you have to move one way or the other so that you’re not taking the blow directly. Control stiffens you and causes you to get hurt. One aspect of invincibility is that you’re able to move with the wind. But you can’t move with the wind like a willow if you’re an oak.

The heart begins to recognize that its job is to help you have the faith and the trust to release and not seek to control, due to the anxiety of the mind. The mind is where all the insecurity is and the mind will stop the heart from flowing. When the heart recognizes and understands this, the heart has to teach you how to let go. In that process, the heart weaves its nets like a silk worm making a cocoon. The heart chakra, the physical heart and all the organs are made of infinite layers of these silky, web-like, matrices of light. That’s what your catcher’s net is made of. You’re catching those seeds in reality with your heart. Your heart is the catcher.

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