Friday, September 3, 2010

Heart enlightenment

Heart enlightenment is a completely different style of functioning of the heart, where the heart is able to utilize the various forces of karma and work with them. And then it becomes a collaborator with universal intelligence in the manifestation of creation. That is the state of a god-human. There are humans in human form on other earths who have reached that state, but not on this planet. The reason is that one's heart would have to explode. The universe would be literally pouring through that heart and that heart would have nothing left.

I haven’t seen anybody with an exploded heart like that, even those who think they are avatars. We don’t have any beings like that yet. That doesn’t mean that the earth has no developed beings; we’re all moving and developing in a certain way. But the person with an exploded heart doesn’t exist here yet. Actually, being in that state, you would literally rule the world. And that doesn’t mean ruling with control or with your head. You would be ruling the world with your heart, because you would be the world. That’s how you become a real ruler. We don’t have any of these yet. That’s why we’re all so frustrated. We can’t elect them, we can’t make our gurus into them, we don’t have one yet.

I do believe there are humans on other planes of existence who function in exactly the way I’m trying to describe. And there are whole planets full of them. There is no past, present, and future, and there’s just one long evolutionary process, so there really is just a present. That’s why the scriptures say “I am That.” You don’t have to become That because you are That, but you are That in a seed form, in its Becoming process. You are a work in progress. You’re part of the future of That. Eventually I think we move out of human form, because the heart breaks open and all the seeds of heart intelligence come out. That’s what rebirth really is.