Monday, October 25, 2010

Power through grace

Before you become a reborn cosmic being, you can't really manifest in the way I've been describing. That, however, does not leave you without any power. As you move into your heart, it opens up three-dimensionally, and then the brain unifies and all the flowers of the brain open. You get above the mind and move into another field of consciousness, which then implodes and unifies back into the heart, and then you go out again, and all that moves back in, and the whole process repeats over and over. What starts to happen is that you become a cosmic swimmer. You can move in the flow more and more. When the seeds of karma come at you explosively, forcefully, you’re able to meet them. You start to work with them, become a collaborative force with them. You’re not powerless, even though you can’t control anything.

You really can’t manifest yet, because that level of manifestation has to come from emptiness complete and total. We can’t be empty yet. We can’t function that way. We would be either disoriented or dead if the heart was completely naked. But as the heart starts to open, peels back its defenses, has more recognition of itself, it really starts to rule your roost. It starts to become a powerful force over and above your mind, and your mind starts to surrender to the heart. It wants to. Then you start to get glimpses of the seeds of manifestation and how they function. You understand more what it’s all about.

What’s it’s all about is that you have to purify the level of your desire. You have to be able to withstand the emptiness more and more all the time. The universe does this by breaking all your control. It makes you understand that you have none. Then through receiving this grace, it builds back real power. True power is underneath all the insecurity that is causing you to seek control. The universe returns you to your own glory, which is your heart. Through the awakening of the heart more and more, you no longer wish to have control or even desires.

There’s a problem with that. When you start to lose desires, you can also be depressed and lose your will. Psychologically that’s a problem. Once you realize you can’t control anything, you start to get upset and you can feel debilitated by that. But the universe doesn’t want to debilitate you. It wants to show you what it is. That’s its whole job. It wants to reveal itself to you so you will understand it and have love and respect for it. It doesn’t want you to judge it, to make it right or wrong. It wants you to understand from your heart, not your head. Once you have that recognition, you don’t have to be depressed. That’s what the universe wants for us, and it’s very benevolent.

We’re not quite ready to have an empty heart, physiologically. But you can have an intense recognition of it. The sages and scriptures all point the way to the burning away of the heart. It may be too much for this dimension, this time and place. But they’re able to do that because they’re cognizing from the future and talking to themselves in the past. The heart intelligence becomes intelligent by building up stamina, endurance, and heart capacity. That’s what incarnation is all about.