Monday, October 25, 2010

Power through grace

Before you become a reborn cosmic being, you can't really manifest in the way I've been describing. That, however, does not leave you without any power. As you move into your heart, it opens up three-dimensionally, and then the brain unifies and all the flowers of the brain open. You get above the mind and move into another field of consciousness, which then implodes and unifies back into the heart, and then you go out again, and all that moves back in, and the whole process repeats over and over. What starts to happen is that you become a cosmic swimmer. You can move in the flow more and more. When the seeds of karma come at you explosively, forcefully, you’re able to meet them. You start to work with them, become a collaborative force with them. You’re not powerless, even though you can’t control anything.

You really can’t manifest yet, because that level of manifestation has to come from emptiness complete and total. We can’t be empty yet. We can’t function that way. We would be either disoriented or dead if the heart was completely naked. But as the heart starts to open, peels back its defenses, has more recognition of itself, it really starts to rule your roost. It starts to become a powerful force over and above your mind, and your mind starts to surrender to the heart. It wants to. Then you start to get glimpses of the seeds of manifestation and how they function. You understand more what it’s all about.

What’s it’s all about is that you have to purify the level of your desire. You have to be able to withstand the emptiness more and more all the time. The universe does this by breaking all your control. It makes you understand that you have none. Then through receiving this grace, it builds back real power. True power is underneath all the insecurity that is causing you to seek control. The universe returns you to your own glory, which is your heart. Through the awakening of the heart more and more, you no longer wish to have control or even desires.

There’s a problem with that. When you start to lose desires, you can also be depressed and lose your will. Psychologically that’s a problem. Once you realize you can’t control anything, you start to get upset and you can feel debilitated by that. But the universe doesn’t want to debilitate you. It wants to show you what it is. That’s its whole job. It wants to reveal itself to you so you will understand it and have love and respect for it. It doesn’t want you to judge it, to make it right or wrong. It wants you to understand from your heart, not your head. Once you have that recognition, you don’t have to be depressed. That’s what the universe wants for us, and it’s very benevolent.

We’re not quite ready to have an empty heart, physiologically. But you can have an intense recognition of it. The sages and scriptures all point the way to the burning away of the heart. It may be too much for this dimension, this time and place. But they’re able to do that because they’re cognizing from the future and talking to themselves in the past. The heart intelligence becomes intelligent by building up stamina, endurance, and heart capacity. That’s what incarnation is all about.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Heart enlightenment

Heart enlightenment is a completely different style of functioning of the heart, where the heart is able to utilize the various forces of karma and work with them. And then it becomes a collaborator with universal intelligence in the manifestation of creation. That is the state of a god-human. There are humans in human form on other earths who have reached that state, but not on this planet. The reason is that one's heart would have to explode. The universe would be literally pouring through that heart and that heart would have nothing left.

I haven’t seen anybody with an exploded heart like that, even those who think they are avatars. We don’t have any beings like that yet. That doesn’t mean that the earth has no developed beings; we’re all moving and developing in a certain way. But the person with an exploded heart doesn’t exist here yet. Actually, being in that state, you would literally rule the world. And that doesn’t mean ruling with control or with your head. You would be ruling the world with your heart, because you would be the world. That’s how you become a real ruler. We don’t have any of these yet. That’s why we’re all so frustrated. We can’t elect them, we can’t make our gurus into them, we don’t have one yet.

I do believe there are humans on other planes of existence who function in exactly the way I’m trying to describe. And there are whole planets full of them. There is no past, present, and future, and there’s just one long evolutionary process, so there really is just a present. That’s why the scriptures say “I am That.” You don’t have to become That because you are That, but you are That in a seed form, in its Becoming process. You are a work in progress. You’re part of the future of That. Eventually I think we move out of human form, because the heart breaks open and all the seeds of heart intelligence come out. That’s what rebirth really is.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Heart explosion

The beauty of the heart is that it has the capacity to assimilate, interpret, understand, recognize, and greet the seeds of reality that are blowing our way. It can make use of everything those forces can dish out. That’s why the heart is invincible, not because those reality forces are not coming at it; they are. It's not that it’s trying to control any of those things, but because it knows what to do with those seeds. The heart can eat them, digest them, swallow them, chop them up. It has instinctive reflexive understanding of what to do with these forces that create reality and how to do it.

There’s only one problem: none of us is directed by our heart yet. We’re all directed still by our head. Honestly, I don’t think there will be a heart enlightenment in our lifetime on that scale. It’s way too early. But as students of the heart, we can understand and have a lot of knowledge. I believe we’re planting heart intelligence seeds, invincibility seeds. We’re doing something to help the evolution of the heart. But there aren’t any human beings who are functioning completely out of the heart yet. I don’t think we can even imagine what an enlightened heart would be like. It’s beyond our intelligence venue. Everybody is functioning mostly out of their heads.

The reason for that is that the heart is the biggest seed. In a sense it is the only seed. Your heart has to explode from the power of kundalini shakti. It won’t happen in this body because you die. However, in the course of working with the shakti, many of us have had some serious explosions. But as far as the big explosion where all the little seeds of the heart intelligence come out, we’re not there yet.

It’s what every teacher tells you about, ultimately. The heart explodes and that’s when heart intelligence starts. That’s where you see pictures of the saint’s with an open chest and there’s nothing in there. That’s what happens when the heart explodes. It opens out into multi-dimensional expression that’s hard to fathom. That’s what we’re working on. We’re moving our heart gradually, and planting certain types of intelligence seeds in that heart that will eventually explode, probably not in a body, and maybe not in a human body. Eventually, the heart of the world is going to explode, like in the Hopi prophecy. Creative intelligence is moving in this direction.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Winds of karma

Universal intelligence has different intelligence modules through which it sends information. One of those modules is seeds, what we call karmas, which are really possible event structures. That’s the particulate aspect. Then there’s also a current, a wave, a cosmic wind that comes into your reality, into this dimension. You can be bowled over by a cosmic wind, just like a hurricane. I’m sure all of us have had things happen that just struck you and there was nothing you could do about it. That’s why I say you don’t have control, because when a cosmic wind decides to come through your house, you can’t control that. The thing to understand is that these cosmic winds that are coming at you and through you and with you have no malevolent intent. They’re not here to punish or hurt you. They’re not here to ruin your life and they’re not here to make your life. They also don’t have positive intent either. These winds are neutral.

If you’re a cave person and a wind knocks over your fire pit and you can’t eat, you may see that as a malevolent force. We’re exactly like those cave people. That’s about where we are right now in understanding reality. These winds come at us and we interpret them superstitiously as good or bad. We take them personally and we interpret them out of anxiety, fear, insecurity and our sense of helplessness about our means of control. But lack of control doesn’t have to be helplessness. When those cosmic winds come toward you, you can meet them, you can be blown over by them, or they can flow right through you. They can experience you as almost transparent or translucent. We’re talking about the climate and force of those cosmic winds moving through your heart, and the capacity of your heart to meet those winds and dance with them. Think of a tree moving in the wind, how it moves. That’s why there are trees that are here for thousands of years. Somehow they’ve managed to stay up through everything. That’s your heart. It has the capacity to move with the wind and to catch the seeds.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silkworms of the heart

What the universe really wants from us is to give up control. It is asking us, pleading with us, actually, to give up thinking that we have control over it in any way, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. First of all, you wouldn’t want control. Think how hard it is just to control yourself. Then think about how hard it is to control your kids. And then think about how hard it is to control your money. Every time you have anything that’s attached to you and you try to control it, how well do you do? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t controlled my emotions, I haven’t controlled my thoughts. At a certain point you recognize that control is an illusion. It’s a healthy one: it gets things done in a way, but it’s still an illusion.

When you throw yourself out to the universe in the way I’m discussing, and the heart opens out and then the universe starts sending seeds back, emotional seeds, mental seeds, physical reality seeds, simultaneously past, present and future, you absolutely realize that you can’t know where all these things are going to fall in your net. You have to let go, because when all of this energy is coming your way, if you’re rigid in your control, tightly braced against what’s coming at you, it hurts. It’s like aikido, where they teach you that when someone comes at you, you have to move one way or the other so that you’re not taking the blow directly. Control stiffens you and causes you to get hurt. One aspect of invincibility is that you’re able to move with the wind. But you can’t move with the wind like a willow if you’re an oak.

The heart begins to recognize that its job is to help you have the faith and the trust to release and not seek to control, due to the anxiety of the mind. The mind is where all the insecurity is and the mind will stop the heart from flowing. When the heart recognizes and understands this, the heart has to teach you how to let go. In that process, the heart weaves its nets like a silk worm making a cocoon. The heart chakra, the physical heart and all the organs are made of infinite layers of these silky, web-like, matrices of light. That’s what your catcher’s net is made of. You’re catching those seeds in reality with your heart. Your heart is the catcher.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cosmic tennis match

When the heart arcs out to the field of higher mind, a synthesis emerges. You get aligned and in rapport with universal intelligence. A feedback loop is created that throws back event structures at you.

Event structures are seeds of events, of possible outcomes, that the heart casts out past the mind. It’s like a tennis court and the heart is the server. It hits the ball over the net, which is the mind, but it stays in the court. And the universe meets the ball, catches that and slams it back at you. In the process of hitting it back at you, it plants seeds, which we call event structures.

These event structures are not only in the present but because spacetime is simultaneous, they are also event structures of the past, and not only this lifetime in this body, but also your soul’s past, your ancestral past, your collective consciousness past, your racial past. Those seeds that are thrown back at you are the seeds of karmas. They’re thrown back at you from the past, present and future, simultaneously. The universe doesn’t experience past, present and future. It’s all simultaneous to the universe. When the universe throws that intelligence back at you, in the form of past, present and future, you interpret what’s being thrown at you. The interpretation of the intelligence that’s thrown back at us is what we experience as reality.

You have no choice but to experience these as emotions and events. You have absolutely zero control over what gets caught in your net. I don’t know anybody who can even fathom what's in their net. It’s way too complex. It’s like a billion spider webs all stacked on one another.

Nor do I think you can fathom all those balls of seeds coming at you from the universe and informing your reality, which you are interpreting. We have feelings attached to things, and to thoughts, which are things. It’s a completely subjective interpretation.

The only way we’d be able to have control over that is that we would have to be in a state of consciousness where you could see every little hole in that net and understand it perfectly. And we would have know exactly when every little ball came our way, exactly what little hole it’s going in, and exactly what the effect of all that was. I don’t think the universe is set up for anybody to do that, at least not at this stage of our development.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Markers of original mind

To experience manifestion, you have to get outside the field of the mind. It cannot come from your head or anything you can think. When you get into the field of manifestation, you’re viewing your own mind field from outside. You see your mind as a field, full of thoughts, beliefs, and structures. We’re not going to try to eliminate that, because we never can get rid of our minds, and we’re not supposed to. But in order to get into the field of manifestation, you have to get outside of the mind completely.

How can you get outside of your own mind? Your heart has all the answers. The field of the heart, which includes love, is the closest thing we have and the most universal messaging instrument to align with universal intelligence. In fact, what is inside the heart is universal intelligence. Your heart is much wiser than your mind. However, we also know that there’s a unification between heart and mind, so we don’t ultimately eliminate the mind.

Pure mind, or what Buddhists call “original mind,” doesn’t just mean that it’s at the beginning. It means that it’s original, self-originating. At each moment there is originality or spontaneity to the higher mind. It’s not locked up in concept or belief. It is moment-to-moment self-originating; improvisational, but very structured. That level of self-originating mind is deeply aligned with universal intelligence.

When the heart aligns with that self-originating aspect of higher mind, it is outside the field of what we usually think of as the mind. There are intelligence markers on a higher level above the mind, which is what higher mind is. There are structures of intelligence that exist above, below, all around it, five-dimensional. The manifestation field that lives outside of the mind is what you’re unifying with.