Sunday, March 30, 2008

A more beautiful mind

Ordinarily our thoughts are kind of flat. Even for a meditator, there’s not much difference in our thought processes compared with before we started meditating. Part of the reason for that is that we don’t have activities that cultivate them. In the world we have to live in, everything is at a fairly mundane and superficial level of the thought process. We don’t have the activities to support or to push the cultivation of depth that might be possible.

In our reality, usually by 30 we’re done with school. What if our whole lifetime we were in school? You wouldn’t have to work at a regular job, so there wouldn’t pressure to make a living. What if you never left school, and every day was structured around where you were in consciousness, and what needed to happen next to build the next level of openness or development, whether that involved your chakra system, your physical body, or the origination of thought, inventiveness, and process? It would be like being an adult in school every day all your life. And it would be experiential, rather than a lot of rote memorization and using the thinking process in a very superficial manner. But what if you didn’t have to think about fitting into a real world picture? Everything could be geared toward the development of consciousness, and gaining knowledge of all the different strata from the finest absolute level through all the metalevels in between.

In my understanding of what happens in the different lokas or heavens, you don’t have those pressures and mundane responsibilities. It’s all about studying and immersion in the consciousness process. When you incarnate again, in a sense you’re stopping that, or you could say in some respects you’re exercising that in a much more physical sense. But what if you didn’t have to do that? That’s what I think is eventually going to happen for us. We would literally be in school every day, but incarnated in some form in the body, even if it wasn’t as physical of a body as this. Even if it were, though, there would be a very different kind of development. Everything would be geared towards being together in a cluster, with different teachers, and all the people mentoring us would have different specialties in different layers of the chakra system, of the nervous system, of thinking, or of different subjects that they would be helping us with. But it wouldn’t be studying like we do now, memorizing information—it would be literally going into the brain in the area where that particular knowledge resides, enlivening that, opening it up, and bringing it forth, and being with people, environment, technology, and processes that are all completely geared in that direction without any compromise at all.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thought arising

There is a very different way our brain could work in relation to thinking itself. This whole middle area between the transcendent pure consciousness area and thinking in the normal sense isn’t tapped for us. My desire is to try to bridge that gap.

When you have a thought normally, the thought comes up from the transcendent like a bubble from the depths. Ideally, the seed thought wants to come up only to a certain point before it’s pulled down like an accordion back into the Absolute. As that happens, where the thought arises and pulls back to the center, this movement creates an opening that makes a whole surface out of which cognition takes place. As thought arises and is pulled back to the transcendent, over and over, then the whole thing opens out horizontally. It forms a cushion between the transcendent and thought arising.

A point of silence, transition, and light lies inside of each thought. As each thought emerges, a coating or lining around the thought creates depth to it. There’s a felt sense of transition into the transcendent coating, opening up a certain depth and richness around each thought.

What if each thought operated from that level, with a coating of transcendental spaciousness? The system would be set up: all of the faculties, the chakras, intellect, and ego informed by that. It would be readied for an experiential downloading, an infusion of light and knowledge.

Friday, March 28, 2008

As the world changes

Once at a lecture on earth changes that I attended, it was said that the reason the earth is going through changes right now is that we have to move our attention into a different value of love. They said love is a fuel, the universal fuel. It’s what makes everything go. At the time I thought this was metaphorical, but since then I have realized it’s not metaphorical. Love is literally the fuel that has created the universe. We need to learn how to utilize love. When intelligence opens enough so that love can create more productively, love itself will create everything it needs to run everything. Even cars are going to run on love. In that interwovenness between the different packages of information, the force that’s generated is very powerful.

Love is a force and nothing is more powerful. People can lift a car off their child or find themselves doing impossible rescues, as in 9/11. A huge force comes from unlocking the heart. The force of love from the heart is like splitting the atom. The extra-dimensional civilizations are the masters of that force of love. That which moves these beings is the force of love itself.

The return to a depth of recognition and the actual ability to function from the mechanics of love in the heart and the way that is released from that is what our civilization is seeking. It is what we are being asked to do as a spiritual team. It is our quest, what we’re born into and in a sense what we’re returning to. That’s what our time is about right now, this beautiful but scary window of time where everything is transforming and changing, restructuring and unstructuring.

The cognition of how to work with the heart is the secret of how things manifest. The energy that’s created as the unlocking of the heart manifests and space gets created, and the energy uniting with the space, and the return and empowerment of that is what’s actually going to move things, both literally and figuratively. It’s such a beautiful possibility for our planet. This is a love planet and there’s a lot of love here, but the cognition of the mechanics of love on the level we’re talking about is not really known yet. It’s still in the background. Our job is to bring it into the foreground.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Winds of spirit

Our biggest stress as human beings may be when we can’t create movement between ourselves and the people or the environment we are in continuum with. The heart locks up and little pieces of it start to die. This is deeply connected with spirit, not the soul, but the spirit. Spirit is deeply connected with vayu, with the wind, which is the movement body. We become dispirited because we can’t create movement between ourselves and the other person. This "locked-up" state creates a feeling of dispiritedness and dying, which is not healthful, emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

How can you return movement to the heart? How can you make the heart more organic, more spirited? How can you give it more space? How can it have more breathing room? By having more movement the heart can accommodate and shift in relationship to a different situation, which might be another person.

Look into the heart chakra of somebody you’re close to. Let your attention go to that place where you can see all the little packages in perfect contiguous blending with each other. Then look at your own heart as if you were outside looking back at it, and let yourself see that same situation in your heart. Then ask your higher self what your heart would need to do to accommodate this person differently. How could the furniture be rearranged? Just have that intention. You don’t have to do anything. You just need to have that attention and intention on this level of the heart. Once you bring that desire, that awareness, that feeling back to your heart, your heart will arrange itself, seeking accommodation with the person you’re in continuum with. You will have the experience of a restructuring of the heart.

This wind, or vayu, is like a big parafoil that opens up. When the two hearts seek accommodation with each other, they create a big wind, a fuel, a big force. That force that’s generated when two humans seek accommodation with each other is full of creativity. It’s hugely productive. The other thing I’d like you to observe is that when you see your heart shifting to accommodate the other person, what kind of fuel or force is produced out of that?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A mystery of relationship

One of the ways love gets stuck is when movement stops happening and when the interaction is no longer variegated, when it doesn’t make more variety. It gets bored. It doesn’t create new flavors. It’s missing different types of itself. That’s why in personal relationships between people, love gets locked up. Why do you get tired of a person? You’re bored with the situation. When love no longer has this movement and it’s not constantly creating new waves of itself that are generating movement, when love gets locked up and no longer has the ability to express in that way, the movement slows down. It doesn’t ever completely stop because of the organic nature of the heart and human consciousness, but it can slow down enough so that you feel stuck. You’re not moving.

As you begin to get sensitized to that level of the heart and the feelings that can be generated from that, you can actually change the movement so that feeling can be enlivened and be expressed. That’s what can change the heart and the nature of interactions between people. The cognition of this can change the nature of personal relationship. You’re inside your heart, and then you’re inside the other person’s heart, and your consciousness is looking back at your heart and back at their heart until you begin to reach in there and you can actually see where the interaction energetically is stuck. It may be moving here, but not moving very well over there. Then you can fix it.

It’s one of the mysteries of relationships that we get more stuck with people we love. On good days you set up a resonance between you and the other person. There’s a lot of movement and space keeps getting created, making more layers. But sometimes we don’t have resonance, you have conflict or lack of resonance. So a piece here and there gets stuck, they’re not communicating, the signal gets stuck, and something dies. We don’t intentionally mean to stop love, but the movement of those pieces stop, and some piece of love dies. You lose that infinite replicating capacity. If enough dying happens, you fall out of love. You’re no longer communicating with the other person, no longer in resonance.

Our job is to have a deeper understanding of the crystalline structure in the heart, how that crystalline structure creates space, how the different packages of information which transfer information and love in the heart from one field to the other get stuck, and how we can get them unstuck. How can we change the way they are communicating with one another? Usually we do this on a more mental level and we feel that it’s our belief structures or our thinking that is essentially the problem, and that is true to some extent, but that’s only because the mind is reflecting the energy system. The mind is interpreting the subtle expressions of the energy system. So the belief structures are a reflection of the way the energy is moving or not moving.

If you take the belief structures out of the way and think about it this way, by having a recognition of how these structures are moving or not moving, how space can be created more elegantly and efficiently, how you can turn back the intelligence into the heart, I’m hoping you’ll have a recognition of how the heart can rearrange itself to accommodate love between you and another person more comfortably. Essentially, love is just an accommodation. If you come into this house and the furniture isn’t right for you, you move it around. But the furniture has to be willing to be moved. If it was bolted to the floor, you couldn’t pick it up. Sometimes when people are in continuum with one another, these structures can get stuck so that you literally can’t get space to cause movement.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vistas of love

Each of our chakras has different layers that are interwoven with one another. All the pieces are talking to one another and they make sounds. Each of the little pieces is moving and each of the little pieces is spinning. They’re moving in space and time around and through each other, literally. They can pass right through each other.

Our heart chakra looks like that. We love our heart chakra because it’s the place where love resides. In working with the heart chakra, I’ve thought a lot about what love actually is. Clearly the heart chakra is the repository for love. But what is love? Is it a field, a force? Is it personal or cosmic? When I was looking at the temple, I realized that these temples are repositories for love as well as knowledge. That’s why when people go to visit them they feel so good, because love resides there. The reason the heart chakra emanates love has to do with how the structures are singing to one another. There’s a certain type of communication, particularly in the heart chakra, that creates the feeling that we call love. It makes love, it literally manufactures it.

Where is the love coming from? The love is not coming from the heart chakra. The love is coming from intelligence itself. But the heart chakra has the structures that are able to capture love. That’s its job. It’s like a big fishing net for love. Each of these little packages within the chakra are holding certain types of intelligence in the heart. Their job in the bodymind complex is to capture love.

What is love’s job? What is the reason for love? What is the purpose of love? What is it supposed to do? The force of love from the cosmos has a particular quality. It moves organic matter in an unusual and beautiful way. It’s the movement of those packages of intelligence in organic matter. It’s the wind, the vibration, the force that moves the pieces. The quality of that wind that’s generated through the heart chakra has a particular effect on the environment. That’s why it can be expressed as sound. There’s one big love current and an infinite amount of flavors of that current.

Each package, as it moves through and around each other, creates a situation in which the wind of love can express itself. As it expresses itself in the environment, it actually governs the field of motion. The field of love in the heart and the field of motion around the heart are intimately connected. The field of motion is very important in creating life, because organic matter has to move. One of the distinguishing characteristics of organic matter is that it moves, even the tiniest little amoeba or jellyfish. But the kind of movement that’s created from the field of love has a special quality. When love moves, it makes a particular effect that creates health. When love pours out, that is, when the packages unlock, space opens out and folds back, and there’s a communication that takes place, the heart keeps building love, ingesting space, throwing space back out. In that process of movement, there are whole new vistas of love that are created.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Space is alive

What makes intelligence functional is its capacity for cross-referencing while never running out of space. It keeps making room, unlike a computer, which has limited memory. Organic intelligence has the capacity to constantly make more space. Every time each of these quadrants communicates, it unlocks a piece of space. Space comes out from that referencing. Think of it all the way from the microcosmic level, such as particles, atoms, and molecules, all the way to the macrocosmic level like the temple or our body or a collection of bodies. In that self-referencing process where space opens up with each turn of communication between the different crystalline packages, when they open up and space pours out, it finds a place to look back at itself. Think about that happening infinitely. That’s how the energy field is constructed. That’s how God does it.

Each package holds a certain type of data, which is its specific function, like digesting food, but also nonspecific, because they’re interchangeable in a way. They’re completely designated and completely non-designated, just like the brain. They’re completely specialized and completely non-specialized. As the packet moves and space opens out, it breathes back toward whatever has broken it loose. That piece of space is impregnated with a certain type of intelligence. It’s not empty. It’s holding something. It’s the respiration of the universe, that cosmic quality from that part of space that comes back toward the little packet and enlivens it. That process is what makes something organic, alive, essentially.

In the future I think more and more things are going to be alive. Right now we have a big split between things that are organic and things that are inorganic. It’s part of the duality of our reality. In the future more things are going to be organic. For example, in these UFO sightings, people have some notion that the UFO is alive, not just a machine. It seems to have qualities that are more like a bird or some other type of being. This has been described in ancient literature, and it’s even on these cave paintings. When things become more intelligent, they also become more organic. The quality of aliveness that objects exemplify becomes more available when they become self-replicating, and they become self-replicating when they are organic.

One of the mysteries of the sacred sites is how these gigantic stones got there. I think it was not really levitation, but a depth of connectivity to the intelligence that is in the stone. When there’s such a depth of merger between structures of consciousness in yourself, when there’s an understanding of that from an inner level, then there’s a resonance that’s created between you and the object. The object wants to obey you, it begins to have a desire to work with you. It’s kind of shamanic obedience that starts to be created. The object and you synchronize. The synchronization takes place when you recognize the object as you, and the object recognizes you as it. This is the intelligence that these ancient people naturally had and we’ve mostly lost. In the temple one of the key secrets that’s locked away in every stone is this knowledge about organic intelligence, the process of how matter is created, how intelligence is organized and how matter becomes organic.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The temple as body

The body is put together just like the sacred sites such as Macchu Pichu. There’s an area for prayer, for food, for sleep. That’s exactly how our body is: there are areas in the subtle bodies that are devoted to certain types of functions. When consciousness comes out of the body and looks back at the body, it sees different areas of the physical body that are sensitive to be repositories for different types of intelligence. Consciousness has the capacity to create a certain type of language that can be interpreted by the body and that’s what creates a resonance. So consciousness is talking to the body, it signals the body and creates a resonance, and then the body can talk back. A feedback loop is created for different types of information.

Our physical body is a simple organization process that is just like the hard drive on a computer. The process of retrofitting the information is one of the key features, just as the stones in the temple are fit together so perfectly. Our body is retrofitted with quadrants of information that are packaged one into the other just like in the temple. They’re fitted together beautifully in such a manner that they can cross-organize between each other. All the little reference packages can communicate with each other. It’s not a linear referencing; it’s multi-linear, so you can move from one referencing package to the other.

That system of referencing is what actually makes something organic. That’s one of the realizations I had when I was looking at the temple. It’s not that inorganic things don’t have a referencing process, but the symmetry is different. In biological matter, the referencing process cross-references with itself in an amazing crystalline way, which is exactly how the temple communicates with itself.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The library of stones

The chakra system is by its very nature not only three dimensional, but infinitely dimensional. For every layer of self-referral that comes into the field, another layer pops out, just like tiled windows in a computer. The subtle vision keeps looking back on itself, mirroring awareness, and bringing out a new layer of the field. In the process of doing that, you’re thickening the field. It’s not only a matter of looking at the field. As vision returns back to the self, it compacts, it compresses information. Each tile is a whole package of information. When vision looks back at itself, it pushes the tiles together so that you get more and more of a tight fit.

One of the things that came to me was when I was watching a documentary about Macchu Pichu. One of the remarkable things about the temple structure is how the stones are so perfectly fit together. When I was in a different state, something happened to me while I was looking at the pictures. I had the realization that the temple was representing this self-referencing, infinite awareness and the stacks of information in the way the stones were piled on top of one another in this beautiful, retrofitted self-referencing expression.

The stones are a library. Ancient people had a remarkable ability to communicate with nature in a way that we’ve lost, and it’s hard for us even to understand. When you see hieroglyphs in a cave, we always think the communication is the writing, because we’re involved with writing. But I realized that it’s the stones themselves that are communicating. The stones were like computer chips. Ancient people could communicate with the stones and imprint them with information. I don’t know why this happened, but I have these experiences sometimes. When I looked at the whole framework of the temple, it lit up for me. I realized that all the stones were carrying information, which was meant to be carried into the future. They knew that this structure was going to last a long time. There are ancient sites like this all over the world. I’ve personally been to Stonehenge, and of course there are the pyramids, and many others. Everybody gets the idea that sacred information is locked into those structures. But when I was looking at the temple of Macchu Pichu, I realized that the sacred information is literally locked into the structures. The actual structures are conduits for holding information.

The reasons the ancients could do this is that they realized that our bodies are conduits for information. They could probably see the subtle bodies and they saw how beautifully all the layers of information in the data card of our being fits together. They were able to transmit that information into the stone, and the stone could transmit information back. It was a two way street. It’s a living database. It has organic intelligence. It’s alive. I realized that probably all the sacred sites on this planet have this in common because ancient people were able to communicate this way. Probably, just like now, some people were better at this than others. Not everybody was talking to the stones. But the ones who could communicate this way knew that in order to make a particular type of database they would need to impregnate the stone with a particular type of energy and that energy would have to come back.

We’re about at the right time on the planet where I feel that these sites are more available for translation. They’re ready to do their job. They’ve been sitting there all this time and now they’re going to talk. But how are we going to talk to them and how are we going to access their information? One of the things I realized is that in order to access information out of material objects in this way, they don’t have to be sacred sites. It could be the chair in your living room. The difference between the chair and the sacred site is that the information that is meant to be gained from them is of major, infinite, cosmic proportions.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Holographic vision

The past year or so my mission has been to draw the attention out from inside the light body, in front, and then mirror it back toward the light body. That allows one to have the experience of setting up the layers of the light body. When we physically see things, we take that for granted and we don’t think too much about the mechanics of how we see. But if you’ve ever been around people who are visually impaired, it becomes clear that seeing is very subjective, because there are areas where they can’t focus. They do a lot of filling in the blanks. The brain fills in what would normally be there. Because they’re more cognizant of that, it brings more awareness to the process of seeing. In esoteric terms, we don’t think of subtle seeing as having to do with the brain or eyes. We think of it as more of a consciousness experience, which it is, but I think it does have to do with the brain and the eyes. In order to open up subtle vision, you have to retrain the brain and eyes.

One of the ways that the subtle body expresses being is from outside the body looking back towards the body. Part of the camera is out in front looking back towards the self. When we hear the term “self-referral” we think of it as internal. But think of self-referral externally. There is a self-referencing part of consciousness that is observing the wholeness of the expression of consciousness from out here looking back at itself. Each time that reference point looks back at itself, a window appears. I was thinking about this today because I was on the new Vista operating system, and it functions a lot like this. You’re out here, observing the screen, and then a vista opens up and you can tile another vista on it. This is simulating consciousness and the mechanism of layering of knowledge in a field.

This layering process where attention goes out here and you’re focusing back towards yourself is a very ancient idea. There are a lot of practices that utilize this. When you reference from out here and you look back at the self, you’re stretching your field of vision, causing it to move out in front, and when it looks back it has an elastic movement like an accordion, back and forth. In that back and forth movement of the eyes and the coordination of the nervous system, both subtle and gross, openings start to appear in awareness that have to do with subtle perception. What happens is that vision becomes more like a hologram. Most of the time people think of holograms as an extraordinary expression, like in a science fiction movie or in a dream sequence. But normal vision is a hologram; it only becomes three dimensional because of how the brain interprets the messages.