Monday, August 2, 2010

Winds of karma

Universal intelligence has different intelligence modules through which it sends information. One of those modules is seeds, what we call karmas, which are really possible event structures. That’s the particulate aspect. Then there’s also a current, a wave, a cosmic wind that comes into your reality, into this dimension. You can be bowled over by a cosmic wind, just like a hurricane. I’m sure all of us have had things happen that just struck you and there was nothing you could do about it. That’s why I say you don’t have control, because when a cosmic wind decides to come through your house, you can’t control that. The thing to understand is that these cosmic winds that are coming at you and through you and with you have no malevolent intent. They’re not here to punish or hurt you. They’re not here to ruin your life and they’re not here to make your life. They also don’t have positive intent either. These winds are neutral.

If you’re a cave person and a wind knocks over your fire pit and you can’t eat, you may see that as a malevolent force. We’re exactly like those cave people. That’s about where we are right now in understanding reality. These winds come at us and we interpret them superstitiously as good or bad. We take them personally and we interpret them out of anxiety, fear, insecurity and our sense of helplessness about our means of control. But lack of control doesn’t have to be helplessness. When those cosmic winds come toward you, you can meet them, you can be blown over by them, or they can flow right through you. They can experience you as almost transparent or translucent. We’re talking about the climate and force of those cosmic winds moving through your heart, and the capacity of your heart to meet those winds and dance with them. Think of a tree moving in the wind, how it moves. That’s why there are trees that are here for thousands of years. Somehow they’ve managed to stay up through everything. That’s your heart. It has the capacity to move with the wind and to catch the seeds.

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