Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cosmic tennis match

When the heart arcs out to the field of higher mind, a synthesis emerges. You get aligned and in rapport with universal intelligence. A feedback loop is created that throws back event structures at you.

Event structures are seeds of events, of possible outcomes, that the heart casts out past the mind. It’s like a tennis court and the heart is the server. It hits the ball over the net, which is the mind, but it stays in the court. And the universe meets the ball, catches that and slams it back at you. In the process of hitting it back at you, it plants seeds, which we call event structures.

These event structures are not only in the present but because spacetime is simultaneous, they are also event structures of the past, and not only this lifetime in this body, but also your soul’s past, your ancestral past, your collective consciousness past, your racial past. Those seeds that are thrown back at you are the seeds of karmas. They’re thrown back at you from the past, present and future, simultaneously. The universe doesn’t experience past, present and future. It’s all simultaneous to the universe. When the universe throws that intelligence back at you, in the form of past, present and future, you interpret what’s being thrown at you. The interpretation of the intelligence that’s thrown back at us is what we experience as reality.

You have no choice but to experience these as emotions and events. You have absolutely zero control over what gets caught in your net. I don’t know anybody who can even fathom what's in their net. It’s way too complex. It’s like a billion spider webs all stacked on one another.

Nor do I think you can fathom all those balls of seeds coming at you from the universe and informing your reality, which you are interpreting. We have feelings attached to things, and to thoughts, which are things. It’s a completely subjective interpretation.

The only way we’d be able to have control over that is that we would have to be in a state of consciousness where you could see every little hole in that net and understand it perfectly. And we would have know exactly when every little ball came our way, exactly what little hole it’s going in, and exactly what the effect of all that was. I don’t think the universe is set up for anybody to do that, at least not at this stage of our development.

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